Are you human? For SuperYesMore

Productivity noun: “the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.” I’ve always found the word productivity prescriptive. It assumes that if you’re a productive person, you’re organised, you’re confident and you can get into the zone. You’re a machine.


Spotify: why data changes what we listen to

Data rules everything in 2017. From what you eat to how you exercise, businesses are tracking your every move to work out what products or services will fit comfortably into your routine. From a content perspective, we’re constantly substantiating the words we write against analytics. It helps us monitor how users interact with the changes Continue Reading…


How to review a content strategy for GatherContent

Content strategies. You’ve done the hard work and spent months auditing every piece of copy your organisation has written – and where that content goes. You’ve reviewed your audience groups and aligned their needs and expectations to what your organisation offers. You’ve also circulated it to your team with an expectation that it will solve Continue Reading…


A bad old week for women

Boy oh boy *cough* hasn’t it been a terrible week for the sisterhood. And I’m not just talking about issues with those containing the Y chromosome (though that does feature… quite a bit) Firstly, we have the horrendous images of Charles Saatchi grabbing the neck of his wife, Nigella Lawson, then ‘tweaking’ her nose in Continue Reading…


The art of writing microcopy for GatherContent

Microcopy is the unsung hero of copywriting. Used in apps and transactions, microcopy or short-form copy is the text you see on buttons, labels, fields and in error boxes. It tells users what to do, explains anything that could be confusing and injects moments of personality and delight. Simple, right? If only. Those phrases, one-liners Continue Reading…