A Whole Lotta News.

It’s Friday again kids! Boy oh boy we do love Fridays.
So firstly, this week has been a little bit mad in terms of personal news, national news, music news, technology news and television news – all in all, a lot of news.
Let’s do a round-up in as minimal words as possible.

Personal – exciting things on the horizon, my lips are sealed for at least another 2 weeks.

National – The weather went mental. So the entirety of the UK was battered by a storm which dumped the equivalent of a month’s worth of rain in day. Nottingham got the brunt of this on Monday; as a result, we all went a swim around Hockley. To remedy this, myself and my workmates got dolled up, drank a few litres of wine & ate massive bowls of pasta. The sensible option.

Music News – This album was released on Monday, I haven’t listened to anything else this week. That is all you need to know. Buy it.

Technology News – So I’m not going to ramble on about the new Iphone, but in fact about the massive boob Apple managed to make with their new “Maps” app which was automatically downloaded with Iphone’s newest update. Essentially, it was comedy gold. The app itself had so many bugs in it that hundreds of places were either not where they actually are or Apple decided to rename. Prime examples: Doncaster = Duncaster, Apple revived Woolworths and decided no-one wanted to directions around Falklands, and that they are in fact completely 2D – Bravo Apple!

And finally, Television News: Finally, finally, FINALLY we see the return of the brilliant Boardwalk Empire. First episode I essentially spent the entire time holding my breath. After the death of Jimmy at the end of last session, I wasn’t sure exactly which direction the narrative was going to take. Amazingly, and surprisingly to myself, I didn’t miss the presence of Jimmy at all. In fact, the program seems even darker and grittier without him there. I won’t reveal any spoilers but believe me, you will be gripped.

Now, if you haven’t heard the call already, it’s wine o’ clock! Enjoy!

à bientôt

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