Breaks, tragedies and news.

So, since the last time I posted to you all my little world has seemingly shifted an enormous amount.

Following one extremely hectic day of dragging boxes, bags and furniture, we have finally moved into our new place. And now we’re in and settled, I’ve never been happier with my surroundings.

It’s pretty amazing how a change of personal environment can re-spark your work ethic and sometimes give you a well needed boot up the arse to get moving on stale projects.  The flat itself is small but absolutely perfectly formed (expect pictures at a later date)

Following moving, myself and the extended family took a break down to our pad in Cornwall. Despite having the place for nearing on ten years, the scenery and general atmosphere never ceases to amaze me. If you haven’t been, you must. Out of season, the pace of life is so much slower and gentler, it actually gives you the time to take in quite how beautiful the British coastline actually is. Many hours were spent soaking up the sun on the beach and somewhat punishing my liver with Rattler (again, if you haven’t tried it…why not, I implore you!)


However, while down there we receive some absolutely horrible news that an old friend of mine had been killed in a car accident. He was 20 and on his way home from work.

The whole situation still has not yet sunk in and for many people from my home town I don’t think it ever will. He was a figure that everybody knew, a lovely person and was far, far too young. The day I found out, this was all anyone could say to each other. His facebook page has become a memorial page and it brings me to tears every time I see him tagged in a photo. RIP Ryan.

A situation like this can’t help but remind you that life is too fucking short to have any regrets.

à bientôt 

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