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Spotify: why data changes what we listen to

Data rules everything in 2017. From what you eat to how you exercise, businesses are tracking your every move to work out what products or services will fit comfortably into your routine. From a content perspective, we’re constantly substantiating the words we write against analytics. It helps us monitor how users interact with the changes Continue Reading…

Cold, dull afternoon

Amongst all the craziness that’s occurring at the moment, this is highly pleasing my ears… What an amazingly talented individual. Chet Faker, from the moment I first heard you, you’ve sent shivers down my spine.  

A Whole Lotta News.

It’s Friday again kids! Boy oh boy we do love Fridays. So firstly, this week has been a little bit mad in terms of personal news, national news, music news, technology news and television news – all in all, a lot of news. Let’s do a round-up in as minimal words as possible. Personal – Continue Reading…