Green tea & food porn.

So as you may or may not know; I love food. All forms of the stuffs – apart from mushrooms, ugh. And somewhat as a result, you’ll often find me in the kitchen. A fantastic stereotype with no sexist attachments where I’m concerned. I just love to cook.

In my household I have 2 males, both of which seem to be constantly hungry individuals. But there’s nothing better in my eyes then getting 6music cranked up and a pan of hot olive oil on the go. I’m considerably lucky ingredient-wise as the other half’s father is a butcher – fresh, fantastic meat a go-go!

One guilty pleasure of mine is finding brilliant cooking sites or blogs to help aid my quest to stop male hunger pangs!
Recently, I’ve been a little addicted to this lovely looking site;

In website terms, I’m a sucker for anything remotely kitsch and this site ticks all my boxes. Her recipes are all also simple and there is plenty to choose from and (from experience) the large majority of them are spot on in terms of fllllavour! I’m especially a fan of her breakfast selection – breakfast being the most important meal of the day.

Another lady which I have a food fancy of, is Gizzi Erskine. As well as being a stunning being, her food-tweets and original recipes get me all, excited! A particularly mouthwatering thought is “Australian Eggs Benedict” – eggs in any form ring my bell, but this looks particularly special for a Sunday morning.

I’m so very tempted to buy her book, but I might wait for the birthday fairy to bring it to me wrapped in shiny paper instead.

From the mean streets of Nottingham, there is also an amazing bakery blogger. Liana, from Star Bakery and also one of the lovely ladies behind Cake Club Eater Anon. Nottingham, has a beautiful site for all you cake-fanatics. Cake porn.

Enough to make your mouth start watering! She also has her own personal blog at

Oh if only there were more hours in the day, or more meals in the day!

à bientôt 

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