Good evening.

And let me start by introducing myself, 

Lucie De Lacy;

“Print Journalist, Head of Guest Blogging for CreativeNottingham & local to the Shire.
A cocktail of literary devices; tea fanatic, wine enthusiast & purveyor of dark comedy, all wrapped in a scarf.”

1.  Who are you?

My name is Lucie De Lacy and I am a print journalist who runs Guest Blogging with CreativeNottingham. I blog with them also personally.

2. What brought you to Nottingham?

I was born out in the sticks of the Shire and moved to the city for university. As of yet, I haven’t left.

3. What keeps you in Nottingham?

I absolutely love this city. I’ve never been to a place which has such a diverse range of lifetimes all crammed into, what is for a city, a relatively small space. There is a fantastic creative community and every night has something different to offer. And of course, anywhere that has both an independent cinema, Brewdog bar and a fantastic tea shop all on the same street is in my eyes, home.

4. What makes you unique to other creative people in Nottingham? (eg:- What is your business specialism? Do you have any hidden talents?)

I’m extremely lucky in that my career naturally puts me in touch with so many interesting individuals who I need to connect with for my pieces. In that respects, I’m unique in that I have no bias towards any particular industry – one day I could be reviewing a comedian, the next, constructing an article for a local butchery. I love the social aspect of my job and have made firm friends out of some of my contacts.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? (future business & creative plans)

I have no intentions to leave Nottingham in the near future. So hopefully still here, doing what I’m doing now. Hopefully however with a decent coffee machine and new headphones.

6. What do you wish you had more time for?

In a past life I was a musician, so in a lot of respects, I miss the lifestyle that brought with it. I also enjoy reading an awful lot but again, that takes up a lot of time I don’t seem to have at the minute – don’t ever let me loose in Waterstones.

7. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Wine. I wish I could say I was a wine snob but unfortunately as long as its red and there’s a lot of it – I’m happy.

8. What, in your eyes, breeds creativity?

Connections and spending the time to explore your surroundings. There are so many hidden gems in Nottingham, in fact in any city, that are just waiting to be found. It might be a new independent cinema or a pottery class but you’ll never know until you’ve been and found it.

Also never closing yourself off to new experiences – nothing wrong with trying before you buy. Go to that poetry reading or social media conference because *insert cliché here* “Life is like a box of chocolates..”

9. Where in Nottingham have you found to relax and unwind?

Lee Rosys is a gorgeous little tea shop, equally, across the road from it is Broadway Cinema which has a perfect sun trap drinking area. Equally, I get on my bike and cycle round the likes of West Bridgford or nip back to my home village out in the sticks to find a little bit of the country.

10. What would you like to see more of in Nottingham?

I think the city in itself needs more people promoting just how fantastic it is. The country, in fact the world, should know what Nottingham has to offer – without any mention of Robin Hood.

11. What big thing (project or event) are you currently working on?

As it’s still early on in the year, currently pulling together Guest Bloggers for the next 6 months is top of the agenda. Though keep your eye’s peeled for up and coming pieces.


Now we have formalities out of the way, good evening to you dears.


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