Ladies, ladies, ladies and books

Good afternoon my dears.
Now, as you can probably see, my musings have had a little bit of a redesign –courtesy of the delightful other half, he simply couldn’t wait to get his teeth into it.
All in all, it has made the site look considerably cleaner, and a whole lot prettier. What do you think? He’s eager for feedback so any will be passed onto the appropriate party, be it good or bad. He’s pretty thick-skinned after 4 years of web designing!

So since we last met, I’ve been settling back into writing and, more importantly, making the time to start reading again.
The latest of these, and one I’ve wanted to indulge in for a while, is The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour – or Dr Brooke Magnanti.

After somewhat ploughing through the first, I’m now well into her second “diary.” Ladies and gents, I am hooked, royally.
Though most may have an impression on the TV adaptation, the book is actually witty and completely endearing. Also naughty enough to get your pulses racing and explorative to the point where you wonder why you aren’t part of her world.
While writing this, Dr Magnanti was quite literally a whore; however the book isn’t smutty by any stretch of the imagination. Even when she goes rather in depth about her fantasies (fisting features heavily) you still find yourself wanting to take this woman for a pint to pick her brains. It is intellectual and actually quite empowering to hear a fellow member of the sisterhood talk frankly about her wants, desires and sexual failings.
In short, I love her.

Another book which is along the same lines as Magnanti’s and has been my bible since I first read it is How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran. Anyone who knows in person may tell you how much I rave about Moran, she is both my favourite journalist come writer and general all-round-awesome feminist.
I won’t go into depth about her book because I insist you all read it.

What is most brilliant about both of these pretty damn awesome examples of the female race is how brutally honest they are both with their successes and failings.
One thing us girls need more of is the ability to discuss our fucks ups without shame and be able to enjoy when we do kick-ass in something. Too many times I’ve heard female friends and colleagues shy away from telling others about when they’ve done better than they expected or have done really well in a project or personal achievement.

Come on ladies let’s man up a little, smack each other on the back and buy each other beers when we’ve done well in something.

à bientôt

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