New Year, New Me… nope, I’m alright thanks.

Bonjour dears and welcome to 2013.

It’s only 4 days into the new year and I can’t help but feel the same old message is being thrown around all mediums you read/watch/hear.

“A new year! a new start! why not make a new you! how to loose weight for summer! improve your career in 2013! find your perfect man/woman this year..blah blah bloody blah”

In 2013, I will be doing no redesigning of my personal being or doing whatsoever.

Now this isn’t me putting a downer on anyone who is using the new year as a kick-start for a new chapter. Good on you for doing so if it works out for you! But below are some of the reasons why I will be treating 2013 just as any other year:

1) “Resolutions” let you down

Speaking from experience, and let’s be honest to ourselves, when do resolutions ever work? Myself, I have never stuck to a single one I’ve ever made, past February. And not only that, but we always seem to set ourselves the same style of resolution – lose weight, exercise more, work harder, make more of life etc.

All of these should not take the changing of the calender year in order to be achievable. Also, come the following NYE when we look back, we’ve either forgotten them or feel bummed that we never managed to do what we’d expected.

Resolutions hmm..fuck ‘um. Let’s just stick to getting on with it instead.

2) Pressure,pressure, pressure

Is it just me or does anyone else feel that rolling into a new year brings with it an awful lot of subtle pressure? In every magazine, newspaper, advertisement and even on This Morning for god’s sake – it seems we can’t escape the topic of what will the new year bring and how we can make this year the best ever…EVER. To be perfectly honest, I’d sooner see what this year has to offer for me rather than try and force an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING YEAR THAT I WON’T REGRET A SINGLE DAY.

I’m going to let this year develop a fine wine.

3) 2012 flew by..

Ridiculously so. So much went on for me in 2012 that it seemed to go by in a blink. By taking step number 2, I’d like to think 2013 might trot by at a more leisurely pace and let me actually absorb it’s wisdom. Plus, December 2012 presented a few certain opportunities on my doorstep so if January and February could take it’s time, that would be swell.

4) I have no desire to create a new me.

I don’t really want to lose weight, I don’t feel like my wardrobe needs a re-hall, my careers going okay at the minute, my flat is lovely and the other half I share it with is pretty damn alright too.  So all in all, I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin at the end of 2012.

So here’s to 2013 – hello to the same old me and hopefully the same old you 🙂

à bientôt


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