One of these days.

So today it seems has just been those of those beautiful days we just don’t get enough of. Everything has been just, lovely.

A few rare treats were on the cards. Firstly enjoying a breakfast at Belle & Jerome with my other half; scrambled eggs on toast and a enormous pot of English Breakfast Tea while sat in the morning sun watching the hustle and bustle.

Then a ride out to our local piece of serenity – Wollaton Park. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, please visit it during term time. Especially pleasant for a days stroll when there is no-one around!

Wandering round the park and the lake, makes me really appreciate days like today. Everyone is constantly on the go, it’s true we’re living in a 24/7 world now where slow days are a true rarity.

While chatting to the other half, we’re both in agreement that we hate planning for fortnight holidays – the packing, the timings, the rushing. It’s all very un-holiday like. I’d much sooner have days or weekends just like today – it truly gives you the time to appreciate your surroundings and the people who you get to spend it with.

In a brief hour I got to catch some TV the other day (very much a radio fan) I saw an advert for holidays in Britain with Stephan Fry. I did find myself nodding a considerable amount in agreement with it – kind of glad I was alone in the house for said reason. The UK is a beautiful part of the world, and having grown up out in the sticks, I vouch that our cities are just as stunning as our countryside. When I’m running through the city, normally earphones in and stressing about my next job, I do love to glance up at the gorgeous architecture lining the streets – it’s the little things!

I’ve often been in agreement that Nottingham in itself is a fascinating city to live in. It’s just got something about it – all time periods of buildings crammed into such a small, but sprawling, space. But yet it’s still a little bit rough around the edges. Then travel a mere 10 minutes out the centre and you reach such a beautiful place as Wollaton Park. Amazing non?

Safe to say, after an ice-cream, 2 hours in the Park, lots of sunshine then working from the top of my fire escape (see above, I love my fire escape) I am one happy bunny. Cooked some Burrito’s as the sun went down to feed the hungry males of my household – didn’t even have time to take photo’s at the pace they wolfed it down!

à bientôt 


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