The Problem

Belle Design and Print has been providing printing since the early 1990s.

The business needed to clean up their branding to reposition themselves against their competitors.

Crocstar worked closed with the design team at Warm & Fuzzy to write copy which was in keeping with the website design already been worked on.

The Plan

We began by speaking directly with Belle Design and Print to find out who their competitors were and, most importantly, who their key target market were.

As the design was in process when we were brought into the project, we reviewed Belle’s current content to pull out their key services and assess how they could be reworked into the new design.

We worked using an Agile approach by feeding back regularly to the client and the designer with small, manageable pieces of copy for review.

The Solution

By using this combination of freshened product content and new copy, we created a full site rewrite which was inline with Belle Design and Print’s new brand.

The overview tone of the site is friendly and relaxed but specifically focusses on Belle’s product quality—helping to give confidence to potential customers that Belle can professionally handle all of their printing needs.

The Next Steps

Crocstar came to our rescue and helped us develop the copy so it was user friendly without being overly technical – engaging customers and allowing them to see how we work and the services offered.”

Helen Docherty, owner of Belle Design & Print.