The Problem

The team at Fasetto needed to update their entire branding and website as the Fasetto app was in the process of being launched.


The Plan

For this project, I became part of a team with Naomi Atkinson Design and CSS Wizardry.

We worked closely with the client to plan a rewrite Fasetto’s content from scratch.

Fasetto has a lot of features, which had caused some confusion in the past, so it was important to make the copy as clear as possible.

The brand needed a strong tone of voice which would give the user confidence in the service and easily explain all the features of Fasetto without front-loading the copy with technical jargon.

The Solution

After stripping back Fasetto to its core functions, Naomi and myself took a content-first approach to the design.

I looked at Fasetto as a set of individual facets and what each offered to potential customers. I used this as a base to bring in Fasetto’s USPs: how each facet works, its security and its features in comparison to competitors.

Once the copy was complete, I put it into markdown format for development.

The Next Steps

Fasetto were extremely happy with the final site that gave them a professional image to their prospective users.

The site was also featured in Net Magazine by Geri Coady.