The Problem

The team wanted to begin their campaign with a huge social media drive to gain comments about the web from lots of different members of the public. They needed a supporting member to run the Twitter account of the festival and feed this into the Tumblr account and the Southbank Centre’s Facebook page.

The Plan

I took on the Web We Want Fest’s Twitter and Tumblr accounts and posted key information on the Southbank Centre’s Facebook page. The team at the Southbank had certain questions they needed responses to which would help lead the theme of the festival over its three weekends. I used this to guide my posts and based other forms of engagement on these questions.

The Solution

I needed to generate a large amount of interest in the festival while creating content that people would want to contribute to. I created a two-pronged plan of directly contacting influential social media users, based on the questions that the Southbank Centre needed answering.

Over two weeks, the follower count of the Web We Want Fest organically grew from double digits significantly into triple digits.

Most importantly, the festival gained a large amount of responses which they used to build the schedule of the weekend discussions.

The Next Steps

Southbank Centre’s Web We Want Fest runs until 2015 and will use the base that was started during my work on their social media.