The Problem

Before opening, the store needed to get designers to sign up and start to create a presence online so they were established in the minds of the design industry and shoppers.

The Plan

After an initial consultation, Naomi and I broke this project down into different markets which we needed to target: the designers, the design industry and the shoppers. Each of these users needed to know about different areas of the business and why it would benefit them.

We also worked out a timeframe based on when each of these audiences would become more important to focus on.

Before launch, Naomi needed designers to be signed up making this audience our first target to achieve. I created a content plan based around:

  • targeted social media for Twitter and Facebook
  • blogs
  • interviews with designers as they signed up.

To keep the general public informed, I also included press releases to local media when W&W hit certain milestones in its renovation.

The Solution

By creating an active and ongoing campaign, potential sign ups could constantly see the progress W&W was making—in terms of their building renovation and how many other designers were beginning to get involved.

The first round of submissions closed with a very comfortable amount of products, allowing W&W to open with a shop packed with beautiful work.

W&W also ran an Indiegogo campaign during this time which needed to gain considerable traction to raise funds for the shop’s final push on work. For this, I worked at different periods of the day and evening to promote the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. We used plenty of imagery, quotes from designers and highlighting when we reached milestones to convert likes into physical backers.

W&W’s Indiegogo campaign gained 141 backers and raised nearly £5000.

The Next Steps

I’m working closely with W&W they open to promote the shop to the secondary target market: the shoppers.